Antigua 52 Island Spa delivered to Carharrack

Antigua 52 Island Spa delivered to Carharrack

Wednesday was spent delivering another one of our most popular spas: Antigua 52 from Artesian’s Island Spa range. This spa line is built to deliver robust and meaningful hydrotherapy, performing consistently at the top of its class. These are the highest-performing, best-looking, premium spas available in the market. Ranging from 33 jets to 72 and everywhere in between, each Island spa can be a one of a kind personalised retreat.

Spa Specification:

Size: 214 x 214 x 92cm

Seating Capacity: 6

Pumps: 2 x Therapy Pumps plus 1 x 24-hr WhisperPure Circulation Pump

Heater: 3kW

Full Foam: Yes

Light: Dynapoint Multicolour.  The right lighting adds the perfect touch to your spa experience. Our ten-function system leaps to life with the touch of a button on the spa control pad.  Each touch washes the water with up to five different coloured lights and allows the user to stop on any one of the preferred colours or to relax with combinations of colours set side-by-side in an artful transition.  The system consists of the main light, four additional light lenses, a backlit tranquility waterfall on the filter housing, two cabinet lights and an illuminated pillow waterfall.

Smart Control Panel: User-friendly Smart Keypad utilises a computerised Digital Control System with colour LCD panel.  Whist using visible icons making control of the spa simple for the spa user, the keypad also features advanced functions, making it WiFi ready and multi-lingual.



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