It’s a hat trick! The third Limited Edition Hawaii spa of the week, installed in St Austell 

It’s a hat trick! The third Limited Edition Hawaii spa of the week, installed in St Austell 

The Hawaii hot tub allows you to customise your massage settings and features a Whirlpool Jet along with neck, shoulder and calf jets. The hot tub features LED Multicolour Lighting and Ozone water treatment providing crystal clear spa water.

Shell colour: Silver marble

Cabinet colour: Grey

Cover colour: Grey

Seating Capacity: 5/6

Size: 84.25 x 78 x 36 in.         214 x 198 x 87 cm

Pump 2HP/2SP
Total Jets 35


Illuminated Pillow Waterfall – Let the warm water flow over your neck & shoulders for the ultimate in relaxation

Neck & Shoulder Jets – Treat yourself to the ultimate neck and shoulder massage with these revolutionary jets, melting away tension and pain in a matter of minutes

Whirlpool Jet – The powerful jet provides a continuous water movement effect

Massage Customisation – You can customise your massage with the spa’s diverter.  This system allows you to move the water pressure from one side of the spa to the other and anywhere in between


LED Multi-Colour Lighting – Saturate your spa with your favourite colour or slowly fade from colour to colour for a spectacular light show

Premium Stainless Steel Jets – Luxury accents and corrosion resistant


Ozone – Water treatment providing crystal clear spa water by killing bacteria with fewer chemicals

ArcticPac Insulation – This double layered insulation system features a reflective lining on the inside of the cabinet, combined with lcynene foam that adheres to the spas shell and hose connectors.  This insulation retains heat, keeping the spa energy efficient and the water at a tropical temperature

Maintenance-free Cabinet – Synthetic cabinets that are resilient and durable.  Unlike wood, these cabinets will not crack, chip, warp or rot and best of all, no trees are needed!


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