Hot tub for holiday cottage in St Agnes, Cornwall

Hot tub for holiday cottage in St Agnes, Cornwall

This week we have been installing a hot tub for a gorgeous holiday let cottage in St Agnes.  The client chose the 519P spa from Artesian’s South Seas range.

The South Seas range was created to offer a prestigious introductory range. These spas have all the luxurious features and specifications associated with Artesian spas, whilst being at a more attractive price point.

The South Seas range is as committed to quality as it is to efficiency.  Even the most basic of spas provide powerful hydrotherapy through stainless steel jets, whilst the versatile size of the 519P makes it a perfect fit for a small patio or decking area.  The 519p comes built with the Spa Frog in-line Sanitising system, making it the perfect holiday let spa.

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