Latest spa installation in Truro: the IRIS spa

Latest spa installation in Truro: the IRIS spa

Our clients chose to have their Iris hot tub with an Oceanwave Opal shell and a Black cabinet.

Size: 198 x 153 x 76cm

Seats: 4

Jets: 27

Stainless steel escutcheons – corrosion-resistant fixture covers add an elegant, glimmering accent.

Blue LED – this cool, blue LED light creates a calming and tranquil spa environment.

Green Technology – ArcticPac Insulation: Using lcynene foam to retain heat, keeping the spa energy efficient and the water at a tropical temperature.  Maintenance-free cabinet: Synthetic cabinets weigh less than wood, yet are more resilient and durable.  Unlike wood, these cabinets will not crack, chip, warp or rot.

Protecting your Spa – Lucite Spa Acrylic: Simply the best for providing strength, durability and UV resistance to your spa.  EasyCare qualities reduce maintenance to a minimum.  ABS Base: This ABS base is fully insulated and completely seals the underside of the spa, keeping it impervious to moisture, pests and time. Spa Cover: The AST Deluxe safety cover helps insulate and protect your spa.  Warranty: 12 year warranty on the structure, and a 1 year warranty as standard on surface, parts, labour and plumbing.

To view an Iris spa, please visit our Showroom, where we have one on display.

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