Platinum Elite Quail Ridge spa installed in Newquay, Cornwall

Platinum Elite Quail Ridge spa installed in Newquay, Cornwall

This stunning Quail Ridge spa, from Artesian’s Platinum Elite range, was installed in Newquay, Cornwall, this week.  The client chose to have it with an Oyster Opal shell and grey cabinet.

Every aspect of the Platinum Elite spa is designed to provide you with the ultimate therapeutic spa experience.  No other spa on the market can measure up to the quality, features and beauty of a Platinum  Elite spa.  Behind the graceful lines and pampering surfaces lies the most powerful, sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa.  This personalised water control system is what truly sets this Artesian spa line apart.  The Platinum Elite spa moves more water volume through jets – with much greater power and less resistance than any other spa in the industry.

Each seat on a Platinum Elite spa is controlled by a DIRECTFLOW personal control panel consisting of an on/off switch, as well as an air control for the jets and a Variable Flow Control. VFC is an integral part of the DIRECTFLOW system.  This patented valve gives users the ultimate in personalised control over the spa hydrotherapy environment.

DIRECTFLOW Features and Benefits:

ONE PUMP PER SEAT: This allows for optimised efficiency and control by supplying exactly the desired amount of water to only the seats that are occupied, instead of turning on the whole spa.

ONE CONTROL PER SEAT: Each spa occupant has their own DIRECTFLOW Personal Control panel.  This allows for personalised, ergonomically efficient control without having to move around the spa.

DIRECT WATER FLOW: Water flows directly from the pumps to the jets with no diverters, valves or elbows, providing maximum output with a minimum of resistance.

EFFICIENCY: The DIRECTFLOW system allows the use of smaller, more efficient pumps.  This, combined with the fact that each seat has its own pump and control, eliminating the need for diverters, means our spas operate with maximum efficiency and durability, greatly reducing the long-term cost of operation.

VARIABLE FLOW CONTROL: The VFC valve allows the user to regulate the water output from the pump by adding air into the line before the pump (decreasing output) and after the pump (increasing velocity), giving each user maximum massage control from their seating station.  The VFC valve also eliminates traditional diverter valves, simplifying the plumbing of the spa and increasing durability while greatly reducing noise and energy costs.


For a demonstration of a Platinum Elite spa, please visit our Showroom at Goonhavern Garden Centre, Truro.



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