??We had the greatest pleasure delivering this QUAIL RIDGE spa to some very special clients yesterday in Newquay. What a stunning view to be able to enjoy from their spa!??

Spa details:
Spa: Quail Ridge. Seats: 5
Size: 231 x 200 x 89cm Jets: 57 Helix Jets DirectFlow Personal Control: 4 Individual Controls
Pumps: 4 x therapy pumps plus 1 x circulation pump

Artesian’s Platinum Elite Spas are far more than just aesthetically pleasing. Behind the graceful lines & pampering surfaces lies the most powerful, sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa. The personalised water control system is what truly sets this Artesian line apart. These Spas move more water volume through Jets – with much greater power and less resistance than any other spa in the industry.

The Variable Flow Control on year Spas provides individual control to each seat, where the user can choose ‘high’ for a full force massage or ‘low’ for a more relaxed massage. However, the most unique aspect of this system is that when turned to low the pumps are using 50% less electricity than a traditional spa with diverters.

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