Today’s spa install in Perranporth

Today’s spa install in Perranporth

This is the lovely NEVIS SPA with 45 jets of powerful hydrotherapy ?? – just what our tennis loving clients need after a game ?Artesian’s various Helix Jets are designed to drive water in a corkscrew manner into muscles to give a powerful massage, relaxing the muscles that have just been worked out.

What the jets do:

ProHelix Jets: Large rotary Helix jets providing a high volume of water to massage large muscles in the body.  The jets can be set to provide a large or small sweeping massage that relaxes tense muscles.

TheraHelix Jets: Midsize Helix jets, strategically placed in small groups to massage muscles such as calf, hamstring, deltoids and triceps.  These jets provide a therapeutic massage to areas of the body where you need it most.

AccuHelix Jets: Small directional Helix jets placed in large groupings to massage larger regions of the body.  These jets drive into the muscles with pin point accuracy in a corkscrew manner giving a powerful massage.

Neck & Foot Blasters: Extremely powerful large jets with several outlets providing multiple blasts of water to effectively massage the shoulder / neck region and feet.

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